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Welcome Classmates

Here is the web site I started December 12, 1999 for our class. It has been viewed 17,725 times as of today Aug 11, 2009. The most times it was viewed was 139 times on May 12, 2007. That was 2 days after Chuck Thomas passed away. Another record has been broken 227 visits Dec. 4, 2007. 411 on Dec. 5, 2007. 263 on Dec. 6, 2007. This is a result of websites from all over the world linking to our site getting information about the passing of our classmate, "Chip" Reese. He was a very popular individual and known the world over. As of August 3009 our number of visits per Month is 650 .

In Memorium

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Since May 1969, 34 of our friends have passes away over the last 40 years.

MIA's Updated now 28

Update, We Found some and lost some in the shuffle.

As of August, 2009, There are 28 classmates that we cannot locate anywhere and we need your help to locate them. We were doing pretty good locating the ones who were missing over the last 40 years, Their names are on the M.I.A.'s classmates page. Contact us if you know there whereabouts.



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From the Washington TWP. Historical Society

A Mnemonic Interval - Hostess: Janet Thobaben, and Guests: Carol Afanador and Dan Claudepierre

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What I did for 30 years, Aircraft Fire Crash Rescue


I'm the one on the right rescueing the pilot.



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