USS Compass Island (AG-153) (ex-MA 26, GARDEN MARINER (YAG 56)

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Starboard side looking aft
Starboard side looking aft
The CI tied up at Pier J Brooklyn
Forecastle looking aft
AG153 during Hurricane Camile
AG153 after Hurricane Camile
AG153 at Port Everglades
CI & Pokono in Port Everglades
Duty Roster Tuesday, Janurary 5, 1971
The CI at Teesside before scrapping
CI at Teesside before scrapping
The CI at Teesside before scrapping
Helicopter exercise
Steve Fuller on the main deck of the C.I
Steve Fuller, Wayne Santo, and Rudy Cedel in after steering
The Compass Ialand Gym in the foreward hole
The CI Ship's Store
Engineering Bunks
X Division
Supply Department
Special Projects Department
A and E Division
R-M-B Divisions
Deck Department
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