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Thanks again for your Support!
Kathy (King) McMillan and Maggie
25 June, 2010
Dear Susie,
Hi! I was saddened to hear of the news about John Kidwell, but it looks like the doctors are optimistic.  I will keep him in my prayers.  Being in and out of the hospital with my daughter, I know what a strain that can be on a family.  It sounds like he is good hands and hopefully the treatments will be successful. 
After reading your letter, I thought perhaps the class of '69 could help me too.  At least to get the word out. 
     My daughter Maggie  is 35 years old with a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome.  When Maggie was finally diagnosed at the age of ten, she was only one out of 250 documented cases in the United States.  She  has silently endured severe epilepsy, scoliosis, anxiety disorders, and loss of fine and gross motor skills as well as speech. Each day is a struggle to wake up without some form of suffering. Yet she is so brave and courageous. I long for the day that some of these symptoms will vanish ..one by one. I do believe it will happen even at Maggie's age. According to research the future treatments will benefit all ages and stages of Rett Syndrome. That gives us HOPE as parents! But we have to work hard and fast. Since Maggie is in the older group of surviving Rett girls...TIME is not on our side.



The International Rett Syndrome Foundation has a chance of winning a $250,000 grant from Pepsi for research to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome.  In the past 10 years scientists have located the mutated gene and have even reversed all of the Rett Symptoms in laboratory mice!  It is predicted with proper funding that a cure and /or treatment will happen in the next 5 years!!!

  Is there a chance you could post this to your email list or possibly put this info on our CHS website?  We are so close to getting this grant. On June 1st we were in 60th position and we have moved to 10th.  All people have to do is vote,  no other obligation.
We need everyones help!!  All folks have to do is place a vote for Rett Syndrome everyday until the end June (and  July if we do not make it to the 1st or 2nd  position)
The top two winning votes will receive  the $250,000.   
Please log on to www.refresheverything.com 
  •  Sign in (button lower left corner)
  • Go back to home page and type out Rett Syndrome in the top right corner then click  the magnifying glass
  • The next page Rett Syndrome should be at the top of the list, if not just scroll down to find it then click on vote.
We have moved from 60th position to 10th in just  3 weeks!  Everyone can help by voting once a day for Rett Syndrome until the end of June and possibly July.    This money would be so helpful in finding a cure for Rett's, and other disorders like Autism, and Downs Syndrome.  We are so close to a break through.  This Grant may provide the research needed to discover the treatment to help girls and women like Maggie inflicted with this heartwrenching disorder. You get ten votes a day, but you can only vote for Rett Syndrome once each day, there are other wonderful causes you may want to vote for too.
The following have been our allies and are voting for Rett Syndrome if we vote for them.
Aids Research
Healthy Habits
Los Pen Academy
Sierra Academy
Small minds and Healthy bodies
Aids Research
St John's Childcare
Studio 33
  Please help by casting a vote for Rett Syndrome everyday until the end of June!!  
Thanks again for your Support!
Kathy (King) McMillan and Maggie